Frequently Asked Questions

How does an Affiliate Program work?
RTP Affiliate Program works by providing affiliates with unique links or promotional material that they share with their network. When someone makes a purchase or performs a specific action (like signing up for a service) using the affiliate's link, the affiliate earns a commission.
How do I join the Affiliate Program?
Joining the RTP Affiliate Program involves filling out an application form on the company's website. RTP then reviews the application and, if approved, provides the affiliate with the tools necessary to start promoting the products or services.
Who can become an Affiliate?
Anyone who has a platform (such as a website, blog, social media page, etc.) can typically become an affiliate.
How much can I earn as an Affiliate?
Earnings depend on the specific terms of the Affiliate Program. Typically RTP will offer a percentage of each sale made.
When and how will I get paid?
Payments are made weekly and the method of payment varies from program to program. Common methods include direct bank transfer, payoneer, xoom, transferwise.
Can I promote the company on more than one website or platform?
Yes. RTP affiliate programs allow you to promote their products or services on multiple platforms.
What if I decide to leave the Affiliate Program?
RTP Affiliate Program will allow you to leave at any time. Any earned but unpaid commissions will be paid if you decide to leave the program.